Saturday, September 09, 2006

Big O Tires kicks ass.

The first time I drove to work, I had a flat tire. (Remember, I don't believe in omens.) I only went about a mile from home, and put on the doughnut at the local Conoco. So I went home, switched cars and drove on to work. I parked in the lot across the street for $6.00, but only had a twenty, so I got 14 dollar coins in change. I told my co-workers (I have co-workers! Yay!) it took 9 tires, 2 cars and 14 dollar coins to get me to work.

Asked Evan where to get a flat fixed, and he suggested local company Big O Tire. The location he sent me to was closed, but we found another further south. Like everybody in Denver, the folks there were super nice. It was fixed in about an hour. I arrived to pick up the car, credit card in hand, and was informed there was no charge. The guy said, "If you need tires or something, keep us in mind."

Unbelievable! I told LWC and she said, "Son of a bitch!" They not only put the tire on, they put away my jack, attached my overly-complicated wheel cover (which is why this is the only car I've ever owned that hasn't lost one) and put everything away in the trunk! Awesome!

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Brad said...

I love Big-O!!