Sunday, September 10, 2006

Welcome to Colorado... Now Go Home.

That was a funny bumper sticker I saw (It doesn't work on us, cause we live here now, hah!), which belies the fact that everybody in Denver has been really nice and polite. From cashiers and waiters to just everyday folks you see in the store, they've been terrific. The women here, my wife included, are gorgeous. I can't explain how or why, but I like it.

We have a little field with prairie dogs just around the corner from the apartment. We love it. Everybody here has dogs (not prairie dogs, you know, like regular dogs) and they walk 'em all the time. We like dogs too. Cool.

We sat on our new patio, which is the same size as our old "yard," and watched the sun set over Lookout Mountain. Lovely. The concrete surface of the patio never has to be mowed, either.

I've already seen a day which was cloudy in the morning, then sunny and clear, then a black thunderstorm, and then sunny again. Reminds me of St. Louis, and probably even more variable here. Hey, it's a thrill a minute.

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