Tuesday, July 25, 2006

We have lost the voice of Aku.

Mako, whose birth name was Makoto Iwamatsu, passed away last Friday. While this stupid Yahoo article correctly includes many of his excellent credits from lots of different media, it fails to mention that he was the marvelous voice of Aku, the shapeshifting Master of Darkness, on the marvelous TV series Samurai Jack. We will miss the "great flaming eyebrows" provided by this terrific actor.


DavĂ­d said...

"Gotta get back. Back to the past. Samurai Jack... Watch out!"

Shocho said...

I loved absolutely everything about Samurai Jack... except that AWFUL theme song. Was that a favor to somebody? A last-minute lark? Ugh.

Jason said...

"Ah, foolish sam-oo-rye! Now, you will know the horror that is Akuuuuuuu!"

I miss him already.