Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Galactica at Comic Con.

Oh my God, I miss Galactica. I needs me some every week. I forgot how much I like this show until I heard the theme music and a little fightin' drum stuff while watching some deleted scenes on You can see what I think is the opening sequence for Season 3 here, which includes a wonderful haunting new piece of music.

Lousy quality video on YouTube of the 50-minute Battlestar Galactica panel at this year's Comic Con. It's just fun to see the cast goofing around. Edward James Olmos has to be the deepest cat ever. There are some spoiler items involved, but I didn't find them too problematic. Juicy quotes:

Eddie: "I'm not the kind of guy who's gonna say, 'Get a life.' I think guys who say that should get their assholes checked."

Lucy: "He's a shifty little worm, this Gaius Baltar."

Aaron: "The Chief is fighting the Cylons, surprisingly. And fixing things. It's damned good writing."

Baltar in a "glowing spine sandwich." (Tim would point out that this is incorrect use of the word "sandwich," since sandwiches are named for contents and not wrapper. They mean a Baltar sandwich on glowing spine bread.)

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