Monday, July 31, 2006

I bet you don't know who Blue Cheer is.

Orange County Weekly has got the kind of music commentary that I used to find in Creem magazine. In this article, subtitled "Listening to Blue Cheer and fucking," I find this gem:

They were so ahead of the game they didn’t invent heavy metal—they skipped ahead and invented the heavy metal people would play after they got tired of heavy metal; they were the band to listen to when you were bored by Led Zeppelin except they produced two albums before Led Zeppelin released any one thing. Plus they did acid, too. And they were managed by an ex-Hell’s Angel named Gut, and they played so famously loud—they were billed as the loudest band on the planet, with six Marshall stacks between Peterson and guitarist Leigh Stevens and a double drum kit for Paul Whaley—that they were rumored to have once killed a dog with a single riff.
That's what I call journalism.

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