Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Rice in Wiesbaden, not just for breakfast anymore.

I heard about this as we watched Fox News waiting for lunch. This is of course, just the outfit she wears in The Matrix. Here in Zion, she dresses in burlap sacks like the rest of us.

Rice's coat and boots speak of sex and power -- such a volatile combination, and one that in political circles rarely leads to anything but scandal. When looking at the image of Rice in Wiesbaden, the mind searches for ways to put it all into context. It turns to fiction, to caricature. To shadowy daydreams. Dominatrix! It is as though sex and power can only co-exist in a fantasy. When a woman combines them in the real world, stubborn stereotypes have her power devolving into a form that is purely sexual.

You MUST click the link to see the picture. More of this could turn me Republican.

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