Sunday, February 20, 2005

The 100 greatest 100 greatest lists of all time.

This is my dream. I have so far: (1) 100 greatest jokes; (2) 100 greatest gadgets; (3) the AFI greatest top 100 movies; (4) my personal top 100 favorite movies. So that's 96 to go... or should I even have two movie lists? Probably not. That means I've got 97 to go. More on this story as it develops. Film at eleven.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: After some research, I couldn't find more than a dozen things I gave a damn about, so this project is officially aborted before it began. We return now to our regularly scheduled blogospheric meme propagation.


Rob said...

This is probably more meaningful if you've been through a thesis defense-- in which you try to convince a panel that the past several years of your work merit a degree-- but imagine any of these at a work-related presentation:

150 things not to say/do at your thesis defence:

Selected favorites:
1. "Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise for the singing of our National Anthem..."

2. Charge 25 cents a cup for coffee.

4. Describe parts of your thesis using interpretive dance.

21. "Everybody rhumba!!"

30. "Please phrase your question in the form of an answer..."

36. Table dance (you or an exotic dancer).

Shocho said...

That's funny stuff there, thanks. For anybody who's ever given a presentation. What the heck is "Finnish Pig Latin"?

Rob said...

You'll be sorry....

Looks like it's a new embelishment to this list, which has been around for awhile. But it really does exist: suspiciously like something that 's better tried only under the influence of drugs. As a matter of fact, it looks like something that was DEVISED under the influence of drugs....

Shocho said...

"You can converse like a pro with Finnish kids." My day is now complete! It makes me happy when I know that people in other countries do stupid things like we do in this country.

Rob said...

well, hey, i'm sure it would be embarrassing to only be able to communicate like an ***amateur*** with Finnish kids.