Sunday, January 09, 2005

It makes the Baby Jeebus cry.

The website of broken dreams. That's a wrecked exotic Enzo Ferrari shown. I guess if you have enough money to buy one, you have enough money to fix one. I hope so. It pains me to look at this picture.

Reminds me of a 1964 Corvette StingRay owned by a friend of my cousin Jim, when the latter was staying with us. He waited seven months to get that car. He took me to school in it once, and I watched Jerry Bradford's eyes pop out of his head as I rolled out of that StingRay in front of Buder Elementary School. Awesome. Anyway, a few days later, this guy drove it into a bridge abutment (with my cousin asleep in the passenger seat). Nobody was hurt, but the poor fiberglass thing was totaled. He waited seven months and had it seven days. He said it was still pretty sweet, though.

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