Sunday, January 09, 2005

Choose your poison.

"Masturbating boys cause a stir," says the headline. I'm not sure which part of this article disturbs me the most, so I'll list a few choices.

1) The writers first names are "Riot" and "Glacier."
2) They have robots* next to police stations in South Africa.
3) The masturbating boys stopped traffic, and the woman reports "all eyes were on me." I guess the sight of boys masturbating in public is more common than a woman in a mini-skirt (note hyphen).
4) The police evidently were "sent into stitches" laughing at this. I do have a powerful urge to change my name to "Moatshe Ngoepe," however.
5) The creepy vegetable vendor (?) who said, "I wish they rape them some day."
6) The 14-year-old boy with no qualms and no self-esteem.

*According to one source, this is slang for "traffic light."

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