Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Why you watch Silverado again.

It's the moment when Kevin Costner, who for my money might actually be acting in this movie (hard to believe, I realize), has hidden underneath the bar and taken off his boots to sneak out the door and say, "Hey!" to the two Bad Guys sneaking away in opposite directions so he can shoot them in the front. Looked like shit in the pan and scan on Bravo, but still a classic moment. I bet there's a word for a guy who can shoot two guys at once like that. "Good shot," maybe. That's two words. "Showoff," probably. Is that one word? Somebody once asked Jeff Beck if he was a "flash" guitarist, and he answered, "Oh absolutely." Dennis Quaid was on the Today show this morning and he was just being Dennis Quaid and that was way, way too much for the Queen of Perk Katie Couric. Fun to watch. There's not really a point to this post, other than that highball I had. I should have ordered a highball last night, but I ordered a Manhattan instead, so I drank some bourbon. I think I prefer whisky. I found out tonight that Canadian whisky has no "e." That's "highball," not snowball or fastball, just whisky and ginger ale.


Anonymous said...

Chuck has had a little to much to drink me thinks - Girard

Shocho said...

Hey, it's not like I was driving or anything.