Friday, December 07, 2007

No more reporting for duty.

STCCG provided me with a new career. Now it's gone, and I feel sad.

LWC worked at a local gaming store, and Dave, the guy that managed it, was friends with the folks from Mayfair. One weekend, the Mayfair dudes came into town to demo games at the shop. That night, there was a barbecue at the Dave's house. We had fun playing Speedway, the original Indy 500 design that became Detroit-Cleveland Grand Prix.

At one point that night, Darwin Bromley gave Dave a packet of playtest materials for a Star Trek CCG. Dave threw it at me, saying, "Here, you like Magic, play this."

We played, I sent in my comments, and eventually I was offered the chance to preview Star Wars CCG. They flew me to Norfolk for a playtest, and soon thereafter I was offered a job at Norfolk-by-the-sea. The rest, as they say, is history.

Every time I play a card with no cost I think fondly of STCCG. So long, old friend, I'm gonna miss ya.

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Mkae said...

It was a great 13 year run. Consider that it is one of the most successful CCGs ever. I'm sad to say I haven't played in a while. First Contact was, IMHO, the best set ever. When Rules of Acquisition came out, I watched a guy download over half his deck on the first turn. That's when I stopped playing. 2.0 just never really did it for me. But Shocho, we'll always have Risa.