Thursday, November 15, 2007

Waterboarding is torture.

Special Comment: On waterboarding and torture
Special Comment: On waterboarding and torture

I found this on Bpaul's blog. I had to post it. Only 50,000 views, and that's not enough. I forget sometimes that there are people in the media that care enough to get angry and put that into words.


TMac said...

I don't get it. Well I get the Olberman rant, sometimes his rants are pretty good. Anyone who doesn't believe waterboarding is torture needs his head examined.

Are you upset that Comcast moved MSNBC? Is that actually a right wing conspiracy? I really don't get the problem with that. MSNBC wouldn't be the only channel upset that Comcast doesn't have them in a low enough channel.

Shocho said...

My issue was not with MSNBC or what tier it moved to. I just felt like I found somebody speaking the truth about the Neocons and torture and I wanted that to be heard.

Bpaul said...

I actually do think it's B.S. that MSNBC went to the paid-only side of the service. Seems minor, but it does remove that station from thousands, perhaps tens or hundreds of thousands of homes.

It makes the lowest tier cable free from any progressive voice in news. On purpose? Hell I don't know. At the least it's a club-footed move and wasn't thought out well.

More importantly -- it's just crazy we as citizens have to make some kind of movement, some kind of noise, to get our effed up government to stop torturing people. We have to become activists against torture. That's seriously effed up.

Bpaul said...

Like -- we have to watch as the new Attorney General is put into power who equivocated on this subject.

Correct answer?

Do you think waterboarding is torture sir?


Will you stop it's use by agents of our government?


Boom... approved.


TMac said...

Then I agree with you 100% Shocho.

Bpaul, I read the link from Shocho to your blog, I know your upset with Comcast. As a right-wing crazy let me tell you that the progressive view is echoed on the evening news which is available on the lowest channels and on CNN, also available pretty low.

I have DirecTV and MSNBC and Fox News are about two channels apart.

Bpaul said...

Thank you Sir, that's good to know.

Civil discourse... I'm unaccustomed to this, I'm getting dizzy.

Well met.