Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Japan turns away from PCs.

I believe that whatever Japan is doing with their gadgets right now, we will be doing soon. I find this particularly interesting.

Masaya Igarashi wants $200 headphones for his new iPod Touch, and he's torn between Nintendo Co.'s Wii and Sony's PlayStation 3 game consoles. When he has saved up again, he plans to splurge on a digital camera or flat-screen TV. There's one conspicuous omission from the college student's shopping list: a new computer.
On my last business trip, I didn't take my laptop. I had everything I needed on my phone. I could check email, write blog posts, and surf the web. In Japan, where phones are even more advanced, they have even less need for computers.

For my internet needs, I had a Desktop. (Okay, I still do, it's my secondary computer for various things.) Then I got a Laptop. Then I got a Phone. The machines are shrinking, and I like that. I can't wait for the Watch or the Ring or the Tiny Subcutaneous Implant.

Go, Technology, go!

The way I quote myself works is not entirely understood.

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