Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble.

No, that's not a movie or a book. It's a game, and you can download a demo. It's not anywhere near as salacious as it sounds, with a nice 1920s sensibility.

The wickedness of little girls has been well documented both in classic literature and in modern games, from Great Expectations to Rule of Rose -– and straight into the memories of our own high school days, when we moved in clandestine societies governed by unspoken laws. This theme gets a Roaring Twenties kind of patina to delectably twisted effect in Mousechief’s Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble, a pleasingly innovative hybrid between an RPG and a stat-based card game.
It reminds me of Sissy Fight but it's a much better game.

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Bpaul said...

Going to have to check this out. But, for the record, salacious is absolutely fine with me.