Saturday, October 06, 2007

Plasma > LCD.

Our new condo has a large living room, and we're thinking about a new TV. I need to get a 1080p with HDMI anyway, for when I get a PS3 in July. My friends are telling me that the new LCD TVs are much better, and I should get one of those. I absolutely love my plasma, so I had to be convinced.

We spent some time at Best Buy and compared about a dozen or more flatscreen TVs, and I still think the blacks and contrast on plasma are far superior to LCD. So we're still looking, but now I'm fixed on plasma. I measured the distance between the windows, and we've got room for a 60-incher. Woot!


BubbaJoe said...

I suggest looking at DLP. Same picture when compared to plasma (unless the store has them dumbed down) and significantly cheaper than plasma.

Dave(id) said...

is it just me or do they need to start offering classes on figuring out what the TVs actually do? Like Home Depot offers "How to lay tile" seminars on Saturday mornings. Looking at the backside of a TV nowadays feels like figuring out how to diffuse a nuke.

Same goes for remotes, fucking HATE the 90 button bullshit.
Voice activated TVs, where are they???? One button to push when I'm ready to give instructions and that's it.