Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The 100 scariest movie scenes.

It's an interesting list, because they are selecting "scenes" and not movies. Many movies have several scenes included. (I feel I must mention that once again, "of all time" is totally unnecessary.) Lots of the scenes have video clickies, and there is some really scary stuff here. Definitely chill producing.

I've seen 24 of these movies (I'm counting movies and not scenes) and as with most lists of "horror" movies, there are lots of the "classics" that I haven't seen (like Halloween, Friday the 13th, or any of these movies with II or III in the title).

Willy Wonka? Well, the author seems to like scenes that weird you out, like the teddy bears from Akira. Not what I thought he'd pick from that movie. It's a fun list, even just to click and see what clever title he gave to each scene. Scary movies are fun! Happy Halloween!

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Bpaul said...

Glad to see Full Metal Jacket on there. Brilliant film.

You know, Cuivien ("The Luddite" on my blog) grew up in the same town as the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket.

And he was a real drill sergeant to boot.