Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Royal Mountie.

This offering is from a local restaurant in Colorado.

A 1/3 lb. beef patty topped with an egg, any style, American cheese and Canadian style bacon on an English muffin.
Is this what Mounties really eat? I saw real Mounties on our trip to Windsor many years ago, but they weren't eating anything.

C'mon Canuckistanis, spill the beans! We must know the truth! I guess another important question is this: Do you have silly meals in Canada named for American things like the California Highway Patrol?


Jason said...

This might explain why you don't see Mounties too much any more. They all died from the cholesterol in their diets.

Dani said...

There is no way in hell that that is a real egg.

As for American named stuff, I haven't seen anything that specific, but we have a bunch of food chains (New York Fries, Montana's Cookhouse, etc) with American geography in their names.

Bpaul said...

Fascist fries?

sorry, I'll leave now LOL.

TheGirard said...

Wasn't this just the One-Eyed Jack from Wonder Bar?

Kate said...

"California Style" things on menus tend to have guacamole on them....does that count? ;)

Allen G said...

There are "California roll" maki in the Edmonton area. (Tuna, if memory serves).

Most Mounties are only seen in small towns (cities generally have their own police), and dress in "normal" cop clothes instead of the red serge.

Shocho said...

Yes, I think "California" rolls would count. You noted, of course, that the Royal Mountie has "American" cheese and "Canadian" bacon, and if Mounties eat this thing, I bet they don't use those names.