Saturday, September 08, 2007

Ich bin ein Sun Pointe resident.

Yes, that's the cheesy name for our new condo development. "Cheesy" is defined as the extra "e" added where none is needed.

Everything has gone well except for the high speed internet. Comcast, of course, doesn't "officially support" alien technology like Macintoshes and AirPorts. The guy hooks it up with a wire while he's here, and then I have to reset everything about a dozen times before they all get along. Sometimes superior technology has a price. (Sometimes you get a $100 discount. Ba-dum-dum.)

My downstairs office is huge, probably bigger than my first apartment. Soon it will be lined with games and have a large table to play them with. We have a media room downstairs where the DDR pads and GH guitars go. We also have a garage full of boxes.

My DVR does actually have a hard drive and not just a pile of flash memory, so we're catching up with a few Psych episodes and some F1 practice from Friday. Yay!

I wish I had something more exciting or clever to post, like how I'm gonna win my fantasy football game big time, but that will all be known soon enough.


Kindralas said...

Comcast is the devil.

I hear there's another company based there in Denver that could provide your TV service, by the way...

Jason said...

So can I come live in your office?

Aussie-Askew said...

What could be more exciting than a game + media room I ask youe? (extra 'e' makes it look foreign)

Shocho said...

Jason - Nobody lives in an office. I have an extra room, and you can't live there either.

Kindralas - I don't believe in satellites.

AA - When I said "cheesy," I meant "foreign," sorry. What the heck does "Sun Pointe" mean anyway, with or without the "e"?