Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fake psychics. Real detectives.

After repeatedly hearing my car pool (which includes Dr. Heimlich and a Rich Guy I Know) quote funny lines from Psych, I was at last handed a set of DVDs for the first season. LWC and I absolutely love this show!

Here's the premise: What if someone's incredible observation powers (like Sherlock Holmes) were deemed to be inside info for a crime and he was about to be charged? What would he do? Why of course, he'd pretend to be psychic.

Thus was born "Psych" the Psychic Private Detective agency, including Shawn Spencer and his sidekick Brandon "Gus" Guster. Spencer is played by James Roday, a fiery ball of improv that's determined to have fun. Gus is played by Dule Hill, yes that guy from West Wing. He's basically the straight man, but he's also secretly a world-class geek.

The supporting cast is terrific, from Corbin Bernsen as Shawn's dad to the resident non-believer, a detective on the force, and another cop who kind of has a crush on Shawn. There are funny character profiles and a great blog from Gus on the Psych website. Here is the mashup I made there as a tantalizing sample.

I guess I'm going on too long about this show, I feel like I'm trying to explain a joke. Remember, I have Mars in the First House and never do anything halfway.

Psych is funny, it's clever, it's well written and acted. Try to find it on USA this week amongst the US Open coverage, but it won't be easy.


Anonymous said...

I specifically requested Michigan blueberries!

Anonymous said...

Poker, I Hardly Know Her.