Thursday, September 20, 2007

F1 drinking game.

Like all fine drinking games, we have a number of buzz words that you can take a cue from and have a nice sip of your favorite highly-alcoholic beverage.

This works especially well with the post-race interviews with the drivers, who have nothing else to say but these words as they craft their excuses for not winning. However, I'm sure you can use it during the whole broadcast.

These rules probably work for sports car, Champ Car, and IRL. Since I haven't included the words "oll," "tahrs," and "boogedy," you can't play this with NASCAR. But that's a Good Thing(TM).

One drink:
1. "understeer"
2. "oversteer"
3. "downforce"
4. "grip"
5. "wing" (too much? how drunk do you want to get?)
6. "stint" (Felipe Massa loves this word, he'll get you sloppy drunk)
(The above shows how much it's all about the aero package in F1.)

Two drinks:
1. "damper" (which means "shock absorber" in American)
2. "attachments" (A David Hobbs specialty, as in "You can tell a driver by the size of his attachments.")
3. "Super Best Friends" (What Steve Matchett calls the Super Aguri team, although he's trying to quit.)
4. Any announcer makes a car noise ("eeeennnnnowwwwnnnnn")

Chug the whole drink:
Any time a driver admits he screwed up with the words "mistake" or "error" ("driver error" is often used), chug the whole drink.

Raid the liquor store and clean it out:
Bernie Ecclestone (pictured) is interviewed and doesn't act like a narcoleptic deaf moron in a big hurry.

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