Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I love Kathy Griffin.

Somehow I think I shouldn't, but I hereby declare my affection. Can't you tell when something or someone is a Guilty Pleasure? It's a tingly feeling somewhere in the morality/ethics part of the brain. Let's check the list.

1. Redhead. Natural? Let's not talk about reality. As real as my Christmas tree. I love my Christmas tree.
2. Foul-mouthed. Attractive in a woman if she does it well. Kathy works at it all the time.
3. Catty. I like making trashy comments behind people's backs too! What a coincidence! Not you people, of course. Mostly about people I don't know. Once I went to a high school art show with a friend from college and we made comments like, "Oh he's going to get a job in this business." Loved it.
4. Kathy? Yes, I went to high school with five Kathys. Five! If I woke up tomorrow and every woman in the world was named Kathy, it would seem normal to me. Kathleen is the best one, KG is a Kathleen.
5. Dog person. Always a plus.
6. Born in Oak Park, Illinois, that's Chicagoland. Fine Midwestern stock.
7. X-Files appearance. Played identical twins in "Fight Club" episode.
8. Fallen Catholic. I won't tell you what she calls them. You would be shocked. But you'd laugh.
9. Fuck it, who cares, you can't explain these things.


Bpaul said...

Had to go look her up. Then had to order a standup "Allegedly" on netflix, to see for myself :-)

Kathy said...

No, "Katherine" is the best version of a name that gets you Kathy as a nickname. But I agree with many of your other points about Kathy Griffin.