Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Aquafina, you have failed me for the last time.

Even though it's a fucking Pepsi product, I prefer Aquafina to Dasani. I don't like the "mineral water" stuff, it tastes like rocks. So now Aquafina has to disclose on its packaging that... you ready? here it comes... it's tap water.

Yes I know, you don't have to comment. You knew it all along and I'm a dumbass. Let's move on. I have Arrowhead water in the fridge, because it was on sale. I check that out on their website, and it's also "mineral water." I found a detailed listing of the miniscule tiny bits of rocks in it that makes it taste like chalk.

How can I have made this journey? How can I go from "bottled water is stupid" to "I like that one" to "I've been betrayed" to "fuck, I'm paying money for tap water" to "A SLOW SPIRAL INTO HELL!!!"

I don't know what to do now. I'm thinking I'll give up water and drink only White Russians. What should I drink? Help me.


erika said...

bottled water is convenient. you're american. you like things that are convenient. it's ok.

Allen said...

Easier just to get a bottle and fill it with your own water. (Although the booze plan is historically accepted.)

Kindralas said...

Bottled water is required to state exactly what it is on the label, you just have to know what those words mean.

Mineral water has to say mineral water on the label, though there are other waters that will taste like it, like Fiji, which is "artesian," refering to the kind of aquifer it comes out of.

If you're okay with the bottled tap water concept, then you're looking for anything that doesn't mention a location. Purified drinking water works.

Or, you know, you could just go get a water filter and use tap.

Enrique said...

Get a fancy bottle of "water" pour it out and refill it with the tap water you drink and love. Problem solved.

- Enrique