Friday, August 17, 2007

Alka-Seltzer tag.

We cover all kinds of games here at IQM. Today's installment is Poor Man's Laser Tag. Besides, I'd rather be shot in the eye by a water gun than a laser. I'd also rather have a full bottle in front of me than a prefrontal lobotomy.

Then, the object of the game is to get the other person's Alka-Seltzer wet. As the tablet reacts to the water, it will start foaming and eventually fall off the string. The last person with an Alka-Seltzer necklace is the winner.
It's good for an upset stomach, too. Don't get the generic brand, it doesn't dissolve as well or as fast.

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George Haberberger said...

Doesn't the sweat that is no doubt generated by the extreme effort of the players dissolve the Alka-Seltzer? Or is part of the game to be cool and insouciant like James Bond and not break a sweat?