Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why F1 is better than NASCAR.

* Racing in the rain.

* No full-course yellow. (A lengthy lead is wiped out over and over again in NASCAR as the cars bunch up for a yellow flag. F1 has a similar procedure called Safety Car, but it happens much more rarely.)

* No lame impersonations of street cars. (Jeff Gordon's "stock car" says "Monte Carlo" and it has painted-on headlights. It also has a cast-iron V8 and rear wheel drive, which your aluminum-block, front-wheel-drive Monte Carlo has nothing in common with.)

* Turning right.

* Hills.

* F1's 670 hp, 19,000 RPM and 1,333 lbs is more fun to watch than NASCAR's 790 hp, 7,000 RPM and 3,400 lbs.

* When 2nd place bumps 1st place out of the way to win, it's illegal in F1.

* No ovals. Every track is unique.

* F1 broadcasters pronounce correctly the words "tire" and "oil."

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