Thursday, June 14, 2007


On the looong drive out to the Denver airport, I'm trying to figure out what we forgot. Cause there's always something. Couldn't think of anything until I got dressed this morning... I forgot to bring socks. That's a new one. Usually, it's my phone charger or computer power supply. Anyway, there's a Wally World down the street, so I'll get some tonight. It's always something!

Those of you still at work, I am having dreams about testing cards... I think those are nightmares. No cold sweats or anything, but I can imagine a lot better things to dream about.

It just occurred to me that my blog (well this one and the other one on LiveJournal collectively) had it's fourth anniversary on June 8th. I forgot that too.

You all have a lovely Flag Day today.


Jason said...

Happy Flag day!

stingite said...

So that's why I saw two ladies in their sunday dresses pounding flags in the ground today . . . ok, that explains it. Kind of freaked me out.