Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nothing but trouble.

She looks like trouble, doesn't she? Her name is Melanie. She's the new spokesmodel for Speed TV, at least for the month of July. Clearly, they've properly identified the target market.

As you probably know, my wife and I are big-time Formula 1 fans. So we watch a lot of Speed TV coverage, and we DVR most of it. Naturally, we want to fast-forward through the commercial breaks. Melanie makes that hard for me to do. (Pun intended.)

The whole concept of "Melanie" (if that is her real name), as an ad campaign and spokesmodel, is troublesome. Nobody wants to watch commercials. Nobody wants to watch pretty girls when their wife is around. I find myself once again on the horns of a dilemma (Pun intended.)

Melanie, as you can see here, appears to be a woman designed to make me misbehave. I will attempt to soldier on through this crisis. I have never had so much trouble skipping commercials. I will try to be strong. But I am only human. A stupid, man human too, and that's just the worst possible situation.


Jason said...

My dilemma is the RGX Bodyspray girl. Fortunately, I'm not married, so I can stare at her all I want.

Bpaul said...


<--- married

Shocho said...

RGX = Rachel Specter. Indeed.