Monday, June 11, 2007

Moths are nocturnal.

Lunesta ran ads before they could tell people what their drug did. (Don't get me started on that particular practice, it drives me nuts. Along with the idea of running a magazine ad accompanied by three pages of 2-point type.)

Anyway, their brilliant ad agency chose a moth to symbolize falling asleep. Most moths stay up all night. They're nocturnal. Is this the best choice to advertise your sleep aid? Something that stays up all night?

The more I think about it, a Lunesta commercial shows someone soundly asleep being bothered by a moth.

Again, I find I must ask: What the fuck?


TheGirard said...

isn't it a butterfly?

Brad said...

no, it cannot be a butterfly cuz they are pretty and this isn't. It's a moth for sure.