Friday, June 01, 2007

It's all about Luke.

So I was watching this thing on the History Channel about Star Wars and its mythical parallels. When it occurred to me that the reason I didn't like the prequels was that they were about Vader. His story is a tragedy, a tale of flaws and mistakes and wasted opportunities. This is not the Star Wars story I want to see.

At Gen Con one year, Steve Sansweet asked me who my favorite character from Star Wars was. I didn't think about it long before I said, "Luke. It's all about Luke, isn't it?" I told him how it gets me choked up to see the scene with Luke on Tatooine and the double sunset and just another piece of wonderful score from John Williams. "Luke's Theme." Still gets me.

Anyway, I'd wager that most of my friends would not have said Luke was their favorite Star Wars character. For years, I would have said Han was.


George Haberberger said...

Wow, this sound like a monumental bit of self-realization. Especially since your online ID used to be Scoundrel.

You are right though. The prequels had no sense of the unknown. Vader's history was written. We were just along for the ride

George Haberberger said...

SOUNDS. This sounds like a monumental bit of self-realization.

Shocho said...

Correctamundo. It's hard for a Scoundrel to be a hero though, they're not really built for that. An excellent foil or love interest, but hero, that's a stretch.

Anyway, that does illustrate that I was more of a Han guy growing up than a Luke guy.

Really more of a Leia guy, but that's not on topic.

Kindralas said...

They can, however, be big damn heroes.