Monday, June 18, 2007

Cell phones on planes: Threat or menace?

Both, of course. What are the technical reasons for banning cell phone calls on planes? Why can't they be overcome? Has a plane ever crashed because someone made a cell phone call while aboard?

None of these questions matter, because the media are the lap dogs of business and government. You have no voice with which to ask these questions. The only thing they let you do is vote on American Idol.

Whew, I got a little liberal nihilistic there, sorry.

But it's true.


Jason said...

Trevor said...

When you're actually all the way, 35,000 ft or more your cell phone wouldn't should work anyway.

Frankly I'd prefer more places that banned cell phones, not less. I talk on my phone a good bit, mainly because my mom and wife feel the need to call me whenever, but I do know there are plenty of times when it is not a good time to be on a phone. Others, not so much.