Friday, May 04, 2007

Strangest movie posters.

A list of the 30 strangest movie posters of all time. I like posters. Some of these movies are just strange movies. How can you have a normal poster for "Bedtime With Bonzo"?

I have to take issue with the inclusion of "Forbidden Planet" here. Sure, it's a classic "carry off the woman" fifties theme, but it's a terrific movie.

One more gripe: How can you say "Of All Time" on a list like this? What if a strange movie poster gets printed tomorrow? Does "All Time" include the future?

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Bpaul said...

My friends (the ones who run jasmine pearl tea merchants, in fact) collect polish movie & theater posters. They're all hand-done illustrations, and most of them are totally surreal. I'll have to dig up some images and send em your way, they are very cool.