Monday, May 21, 2007

I Know What You'll Do Next Summer.

That episode of Veronica Mars could be the most complicated episode of television I've ever seen. I'm going to try to list all the interweaving subplots.

1. Veronica takes her PI test and passes. Excellent scene with her in a room along with a couple dozen middle-aged men (all the others are men) who are obviously racking their brains as she easily jots down answers.

2. Logan is supposed to go on a surf trip with Dick but forgot to tell his girlfriend. Confusionarity ensues, and Logan looks like a dick again.

3. Dick has a fight with his father, who is going to jail. In a major development, DICK ACTS in a scene where he yells at his dad. He ends up calling off the surf trip to stay with his dad this summer.

4. Getting around to the main plot of the episode, it's about Ugandan children conscripted and forced to fight in wars. A real issue with social relevance.

5. A young Ugandan man has written about his experiences, and his father hires Veronica to find his estranged son and prove they're related.

6. Piz is getting offers to work in radio, and is considering a local one because he can stay near Veronica. This is not explicitly stated, but is obvious from his actions.

7. A local crime wave is causing trouble for interim sheriff Keith Mars. He starts to make connections with a local Irish crime boss, who has been implicated in previous crimes.

8. Vinnie Van Lowe, the former PI who is running for sheriff against Keith in the upcoming election, seems to be linked to the crime wave, but Keith doesn't have proof yet.

9. Mac, Veronica's best girlfriend, is involved with a doofus who is making money helping students cheat on tests and doesn't intend to finish college.

10. Veronica gets a call from the FBI, who have accepted her for a summer internship. In Virginia, which doesn't make Piz happy.

11. Wallace, in whom Veronica has confided about the Ugandan writer, is applying to go to Africa to help the children.

12. There's a switcheroo when the writer disinforms Veronica about who really wrote his book so he can find out if the man who says he's his father is only after his money.

13. Parker, Veronica's former roommate and rape victim, meets with her parents and Logan and they're awfully persnickety.

That's all I can put together, and that's all in one hour. That's not a season-ender, that's just on the way to the finale. Funny, happy, sad, meaningful, smart, clever, well-written, and WAY too fucking good for television. Espcially for the CW network, who makes all its commercials for all of its shows pictures of pretty people who don't talk.

(The movie company who wants to make a film from the book in the story is "Silver Pictures," which is of course the real name of producer Joel Silver's production company. I like to think that when they asked him if they could use that name, he said, "Damn right, I'm proud as hell of that show.")

I'm gonna miss you, Veronica Mars.