Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The end is not near.

Lost will run for a total of 120 episodes and that will be that. I hope I'm around for that last episode. I am walking the cool/stupid line between "Gee, that's an interesting part of the evolving mosaic of the plot web" and "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE???!!!

It's reminding me of the The Prisoner, which I suffered for a while and hoped the last episode would explain something. But it didn't. Interesting, but hard to care about.

I'm happy that the two show runners got their eight-figure deals all sown up for the rest of the run. Unless I miss my guess, that means TEN MILLION DOLLARS at least. If it wasn't for Evie's freckles, I don't think I would even try.

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Allen said...

Well, Lost (along with Galactica) have hit the "put up or shut up" moment. Either they give us some answers (not all, just enough to prove they know what they're doing), or else the audience will just wander away. (Burned too many times by X-Files, Twin Peaks, and the likes)