Monday, April 23, 2007

Twists and torture.

I'm going to talk about things that happened earlier this season on 24, so if you are waiting for the DVDs or contemplating time travel FOR GOD'S SAKE STOP READING NOW!

An article on Salon criticizes the current season for its emphasis on "twists and torture."

We didn't even know Jack had a brother, and suddenly we're watching him torture the guy? Former President Logan has useful information on the Russians, but then he gets stabbed by the former first lady, Martha? President Wayne Palmer's sister's boyfriend, Walid, spies on some Muslims, finds out that they're completely innocent, and then disappears? Milo and Nadia at CTU alternately flirt and take turns appearing to be a mole? How do any of these stories really matter?
It goes on to mention the silly bluff perpetrated by Prez Wayne (which would undermine any credibility the US ever had again EVAR). Also some examples of the lousy writing we've had to suffer through. This has not been the best season of 24.

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