Monday, April 09, 2007

Review: Planet Terror.

Words, I expect, before long will fail me.

The Robert Rodriguez half of Grindhouse was everything I wanted it to be. Guns, girls, explosions, gore, zombies, and Oh My God Bruce Willis. Bruce just sneers at the camera for about five full seconds before uttering one of his few lines, "Where's the shit?"

Original music by Rodriguez as always, featuring authentic cheesy synth stings. A cameo by QT in which something horrible happens to him. Rose was terrific, I love Rose MacGowan, my favorite triple-hyphen triple-threat. Scratchy film throughout and even a missing reel. An awesome trailer for the awesome Danny Trejo.

Another hit out of the park for Troublemaker Studios. I waited 400 days to see this movie. (I first posted about it 2/25/06.) It was worth the wait.

Only at the Grindhouse.


Aussie-Askew said...

Rumour mill has been saying that Weinstein's may split the movie into 2 after lack lustre box office (apparently #5 or something after the Easter Weekend is not good enough anymore, pity the small movie).

Of course, this may just be to try and force those fence-sitters like me to the theatre. Wife has no interest in this one, and without the Brad, likely suspects are few and far between!

Shocho said...

Aw Juz, if I was in town, I'd go see 'em again with you.

Honestly, the movies these guys make end up in the $7.50 bin at Target, so I didn't expect $100 million.

I still love 'em though.