Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Drink some streaming Year Zero.

The new NIN album Year Zero is streaming online. Some fantastic distorted fuzzy industrial goodness here, along with some almost-pop (!) and new song stylings from Trent.

A video and a trailer available (happy to say no slow-motion rotating carcasses, instead we have a SWAT team and topless Asian chick), and a Garage Band download. I played with that, it's fun to hear the vocals and strange noises isolated.

April 17! Be there.


Kindralas said...

And let's not forget the ARG:

And if you don't want to see anything from anyone else first, the first page in the ARG:

Muse said...

It's so interesting to see this marketing campaign develop (I'm in marketing, and can't really help but see it as such). It's really ingenious and interactive, and some of it has given the community quite a challenge to crack.

I love that they haven't underestimated this album's audience, and they've crafted an absolutely cunning experience for Trent's fans.

I'd love to work for a company like that someday.

Shocho said...

When I worked for WizKids I met Jordan Wiseman again, who is the guy that owns WK and 42 Entertainment, the company doing the ARG for Year Zero. A friend of mine encouraged me to pursue a position at 42, but I didn't. Maybe I should have.

Kindralas said...

So, I hear that the ARG is being run by a company called 42 Entertainment, like, some month and a half ago, before I even mentioned all this to anyone. And I resigned myself to not checking up on the company, because I didn't want to accidentally stumble over something.

And lo, Jordan fricking Wiseman.

That's seriously fucking with my head right now. Gah...

Shocho said...

Yep! Jordan's company is the "industry leader" in ARGs right now. Cool stuff.