Monday, April 30, 2007

Denver has plague. EVERYBODY PANIC.

5 squirrels with plague near Denver park
Five plague-infected squirrels and a wild rabbit found in a Denver park are a reminder that Coloradans should take precautions to protect themselves from the potentially deadly disease, health officials say.
Right. Don't forget about the DEADLY DISEASE. Gotcha.
“Don’t feed the critters that come by,” he said. “Don’t attract them to where you’re living because nothing good’s going to come of that.”
Nothing good. That means only bad things. Actually, what he means is, "You will catch the fucking plague and FUCKING DIE!" I think that sums it up.

(I post pictures like this and use language like this to embarrass those of you who read this at work.)


Bpaul said...

Bah, no picture just a link to


Kindralas said...

I can only imagine that it's the picture of the squirrel with the giant nuts.

Shocho said...

Dammit! This is why you NEVER EVER link to a picture from another site on your blog.

Yes, Mr. K, you know me too well.

Image link fixed now.

Mkae said...

Obviously, Shocho has been infected.