Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patty's Day!

"Erin Go Bragh" is loosely translated as "Ireland forever." It does not mean "Erin go braless," which is what you say to the lass with the cute nipples.

You are correct, Kallenbach is not Irish, but my mother's name was Callahan, so I'm fifty-fifty. To commemorate, I had my first Irish car bomb. I didn't exactly order one, but there it was. It was like a parfait or a Tootsie pop for me. Something tasty and good (the liqueur) surrounded by something icky (that crappy Irish beer). I liked it, and it did a good job of accelerating the trip towards Drunkland.

I forgot to wear one of my two St. Patty's green T-shirts yesterday, but I'll wear one today. Maybe one Monday as a makeup. Mom always said we were Protestant and shouldn't wear green anyway. She wore orange.

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