Thursday, March 29, 2007


I believe there are things that are viewed as either Cool or Stupid with no middle ground. My classic example is this: In the video for the song Poundcake by Van Halen, Eddie plays his guitar using an electric drill. (The drill is artfully painted with the same irregular black, red, and white stripes as his guitar.) I believe that the viewer of this video either says, "That's cool!" or "That's stupid!" I think it's cool. You might think it's stupid.

Another example, reportedly put forth by Demigod Robert Rodriguez himself, is Cherry Darling's new appendage from the upcoming flick Grindhouse. Bereft of one of her lower legs, she has a friend attach an automatic rifle, complete with grenade launcher. I think that's cool too. Again, YMMV.

Jimmy Page plays his guitar with a violin bow. Roger Waters plays his bass with a drinking glass. Tank Girl the movie. You can probably come up with your own examples. I only remember the things that I thought were cool that other people said were stupid, and not the other way around.


Michael said...

When did Roger Waters start doing that? After Pink Floyd?

Shocho said...

Nope. When I saw Pink Floyd in about 1973, I saw him do that during Careful With That Axe, Eugene. There's a warbly wobbly bit on the bass that is when he does that. Spooky.

TheGirard said...

Boy, I'm glad that no one can argue that the Fifth Element isn't cool.