Monday, February 05, 2007

Tom Brady does not win Super Bowl XLI.

Sorry, I can't stop myself. I love this picture.

Grats to the Colts! Offense beats defense! Good quarterback beats bad quarterback! I loved the rain, they should do that every year. Prince was good too.

Nice article here about the mud, the rain, the Midwestern teams (somebody suggested they play in Fort Wayne, about halfway between the two cities) and Peyton practicing all by himself hours before the game.


Jason said...

I'm still trying to figure out how the Vikings didn't win the Super Bowl. We ran the ball and we stopped the run. According to all the pundits, that should be all we ever need. I don't understand!

Mkae said...

The best quote I heard about this year's Super Bowl (yes CBS, I said "FUCKING SUPER BOWL"!!!) was from the USA Today talking about Rex.

"He started as good Rex, then became bad Rex, then ended the game as train Rex". I actually bust out laughing in the middle of the airport when I read that.

Shocho said...

Ah ha ha! I just laughed at that one too. Awesome!