Wednesday, January 31, 2007

This winter in Denver.

I was just about to cut Non Sequitur from the rotation, and Wiley comes up with this gem.

It's not Spring, but some local 50-degree days have shown us things we haven't seen for a long time. After extensive research on the Internet Tubes, I have identified them. One was a squishy brown substance, much like slush but with more fiber. That was "mud." Another was hairy green and tan things poking out of the ground where there used to be snow. That was "grass."

Melting snow after several separate storms provides layers, like archaeolgical digs. We found corn straws setting atop a foot of snow, placed there when we cleaned off our cars after the big blizzard.

Downtown, perched on banks of ice a foot tall on streets that never get sun, month-old dog poop lay exposed, which dog owners are supposed to pick up, but fuck that when there's two feet of snow on the ground. Probably just sank when warm anyway.

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