Thursday, January 04, 2007

Review: Talladega Nights.

We received a generous package from SOE including many fine DVDs from Sony Pictures Entertainment. LWC admitted to me she was curious about this flick, despite the warnings from Dr. Heimlich about "the naked Will Farrell."

The music was awesome! The NASCAR bits were terrific, although this movie had more product placement than any film since Return of the Killer Tomatoes (which actually made fun of movies with product placement in a breaks-the-fourth-wall kind of way).

Most importantly, this movie ends with the stupidest ending I've ever seen in a film, and I absolutely laughed my ass off. One particular bit I will never forget, but I won't ruin it by discussing it here.

It was stupid and funny and I liked it. Let's go as far as to say it was fucking funny, which I say way too much on this blog (that was #14).

Update: I really haven't said it that much. The Blogger search won't let you search with quotes to make sure the words are together. A lot of my posts have "fucking" and "funny" in them.

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