Thursday, January 11, 2007

Club Sevens takes over That Place.

A nightclub is moving into the space where we all worked for That Company. The club has its own myspace page. Like all such pages, its full of stupid slideshows and ugly html that crashed my browser.

Some of the photos of construction are interesting. I can't imagine people hooking up where I used to argue with Bill about punctuation. The lobby is pretty much the same, which meant that they liked it (or they're not done renovating it), so what are they thinking?

(Thanks to Joe for the tip.)


Major Rakal said...

I wonder if they'll keep the restroom in the basement as is?

I don't know what part of that myspace page was more annoying -- the God-awful slideshows or the hideous spelling ("ALLOT MORE IDEAS").

Jason said...

They should hang a mirror ball in the restroom

Dave(id) said...

very weird to see indeed. some drunk guy is going to fall over the stair rail and land in the basement. mark my words.

Rob said...

I love the post-apocalyptic bulldozer thing they did with art; all those custom desks and walls in a big pile. My dream come true! I hope they leave it that way.

We need to have a reunion, and have a party in W's old office!

Brad said...

I saw them carting load after load of quickcrete in there the other day. I have not idea what they will build with it all - maybe a fountain.

The worst part is that they will charge a cover to get in. They have a normal web site as well ... well, it's flash heavy site so maybe it isn't "normal"

Mkae said...

I love the idea of a party!! Let's do it!