Monday, December 11, 2006

I used to love to fly.

From the first time to the tenth to the twentieth, I loved to fly. I wanted to sit by the window and watch the clouds and the ground go by. The TSA has removed all that joy and turned something I loved to do into something I hate. Needless humiliation forced upon me by bureaucrats who want to seem like they are doing something infuriates me so much I can't even enjoy the flight itself anymore. If senators and representatives and, God forbid, the president had to go through this kind of debasement, it would stop in an instant.


DavĂ­d said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Okay, I never really loved flying, but I never dreaded it like I do now. It is such a hassle now and most of the hoops they put passengers through are more to make people think they are being thorough than are steps that would prevent terrorism.

Ugh, not looking forward to flying home to see my family in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

The thought of trying to fly with the B under all these restrictions and people pawing through my various bottles of liquid and whatnot make me glad we own the minivan.

I'd rather drive 12-18 hours in the car with the baby than try to shuffle her and all her stuff through those torture chambers they call "security". Especially when they've proven again and again that actual "bad" things are getting through while they're busy making sure your ziplock bag is the right size and that you're not trying to sneak on 3.5 oz of your aftershave instead of the 3 that you're entitled to.

So screw you, airlines. You don't get my money, and I get to see the world through our car windows. Don't even make me get a Madden bus, cuz you know I'll do it.