Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tuesday was a shitty day.

On the day that I'm supposed to receive a large sum of money from the sale of a house, I find out that a laptop stolen from an information agency has my personal data as a result of my new hire here in Colorado. I receive a letter in the mail informing me of this fact and warning me of possible identity theft. The local news has a mention of this in their broadcast.

I took that day off work to get our motor vehicle issues taken care of: emissions inspection, VIN verification, odometer readings, Colorado titles, license plates, and drivers' licenses. (I recently notified Virginia that I no longer lived there, and they immediately responded by telling me my VA license would be non-valid in a couple of weeks. A co-worker has a Virginia driver's license he's used for over a year, because he didn't send them a COA.)

Of those six things listed above, only the first three (which are incidental at best) could be completed today. It's an election day, and all Jefferson County motor vehicle offices are shut down to become polling places. I've lived in four states, and this is the first time I've seen that happen. I still have no Colorado license, title, or plates.

That funds transfer of the house money may be held up by the wrong routing number printed on the voided check we sent them.

One of our toilets is backed up, and we don't have a plunger. We called maintenance, and they may get here today, but probably tomorrow.

I can't play World of Warcraft because my server is down for 24 hours due to extended maintenance for new hardware.

I'm gonna go read my book. It's been really good so far.


Brad said...

here's too tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Wednesday has been a good day right?

Shocho said...

A lovely day indeed. Good day at work, and dinner at Red Lobster to celebrate LWC's birthday and the house money arriveth! Yay!

Kathy said...

Shit, I missed her birthday. Aw, crap. I'll make it up.

Anonymous said...

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