Tuesday, November 28, 2006

That Wii thing is dangerous.

Some people in even worse shape than me are getting "Wii elbow" from actually having to move around on the couch a little. I admit that I am not at all interested in the silly wave around controller.

I play video games to push buttons. If I want to drive a car, I drive a car, I don't play Gran Turismo. If I want to swing a tennis racket, I'll go get a tennis racket. The idea of a new kind of manual dexterity added to my gameplay experience makes me want to play a game on my PSOne. I can't press buttons fast enough to play Street Fighter. I don't need a Wii to tell me that I'm too uncoordinated to hit a baseball.

Yes, it's true, I play Guitar Hero, but if you've ever played guitar you know that it's very little like playing a real guitar. Just the way I like it.


Anonymous said...

I think I have carpal from "frettin" the GH. Damn Misirlou!

Queenie said...

I cannot seem to move passed the original Nintendo.