Thursday, November 09, 2006


Jennifer Cool called to tell us we were officially homeless. Our house in Virginia sold, and despite the slow market we made over 250% profit on the investment. So yay!

We miss that place, but our new place is nice too. This weekend, it's off to the Apple store for matching laptops. Yay again!


Major Rakal said...

Wow! Congratulations! I'll bet you're glad that's settled. :-)

Brad said...


What type of comps are you getting? May I suggest the new MacBook [with extra memory] for you and the lovely wife?

I'm working with one and it is truly a fine machine.

Shocho said...

Thanks, Kathy! Despite the glacier like pace of current home sales, it wrapped up just a couple months after the move, so that was awesome.

Yes sir Mr. Brad, two matching MacBook Pros, that be da plan. Maxing out the memory is anticipated. Looking forward to walking through Ironforge using Windows on my Mac.

Kathy said...

Why Windows? WoW's Mac version is fine, isn't it?

Shocho said...

When LWC started up WoW in Mac last night, we saw frame rates of 20-30 in Ironforge (we were used to 5-7) and at one point even 60 FPS.

We turned up the terrain distance and a few other goodies, and it looks like a different game! So yeah, WoW on Mac looks like it'll work fine.

I still have to work the Boot Camp to get some games for work on the Windows side as soon as I get a Windows disk.

Anyway, the new MBP's are way super cool.