Friday, November 03, 2006

Def Twain.

Mutt Lange, the svengali super-producer who married Shania Twain, also was the producer for Def Leppard. I don't know if Shania has ever done a Def Leppard song in concert, but I can't hear a Def Leppard song without hearing her singing it. Their songs sound so much alike to me.

Strong up front drum track, churning guitars, and wailing vocals. There are lots of stops and starts for "dramatic" effect. It's amazing to me that he went from producing one of the most popular hard rock (power pop?) bands to one of the most popular country singers without changing anything about the arrangements. Popular music is a weird place.


Bygood said...

I've never seen Shania the same way after I saw her perform in the 2003 Super Bowl half time show...she was like a leather-clad seductress singing country songs.

Anonymous said...

She is so much prettier than he is. He tricked her with his song stylings!