Sunday, November 05, 2006

CBS Football sucks.

The music is bad, the graphics are bad, and sometimes you get Dan Dierdorf (shudder). Amazingly, I got the Rams game here in Denver today. I had given up hope and missed the first half working in the garage. There were three turnovers in the first half by the Rams, mentioned many times by the lousy announcers. They never told me how those turnovers happened. From the fine (ironically) CBS SportsLine website, I find that there were three fumbles lost, and their play-by-play gives me all the details. Silly me, I was watching television and expecting information.


Mkae said...

I couldn't agree more. I have always disliked the coverage on CBS. Right now, I think FOX has the most dynamic and informative coverage. Including past and present, I would rate them as such:

1: FOX
2: NBC
3: ABC
5: CBS

Shocho said...

Exactly, good list. Except maybe that CBS should be #9 of a list of 5. I will watch a game on Fox I don't like just because the coverage (and graphics and the whole package) is so good. NBC is doing a good job with their SNF too.

Let's be clear that I'm talking about Fox SPORTS, not Fox NEWS. :P