Friday, November 24, 2006

Adjusting to new content.

I'm fascinated by the ability to adjust on-the-fly the game balance of an MMO or online TCG. With other kinds of games, you get one chance to make things right, and few opportunities to make it better later.

World of Warcraft has many dungeons already in a kind of balance with each other. There are progressions of content based upon the players' levels and group experience. Already there are weak sisters that seem to be ignored.

A new expansion is coming with new content which will probably make a few more weak sisters. Dungeon encounters that are popular and profitable today will become less so come January. There are a couple of options that Blizzard can take, and I agree with this poster that they will probably do nothing and let the new weak sisters stay weak.

The current level 60 dungeons are set to soon have the same problem since players in their high 50s will have the same difficulty doing Scholomance as doing Hellfire Citadel. Plus chances are that the bind on equipped items that drop from the Outlands will be better then the rares that drop from current level 60 dungeons.
(Scholomance = old, Hellfire Citadel and Outlands = new) As a player, it's sad to see a place that you ran through lots of times and found pretty interesting to be relegated to an off-road point of interest.

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