Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ole for mole sauce!

Here in Denver there's a burrito war being fought between two chains, Qdoba and Chipotle. (I mention these names in the hope of giving Brad a thrill, but they might be too new.) I've eaten at Chipotle about once a week, and the burritos are fine. Not quite as good as Moe's, but fine. The decor there is Early Warehouse for some reason, but I'm sure it seems modern and stylish to somebody.

So I made it to Qdoba, and it's really a lot of the same thing. Menus similar, same uncomfortable wooden chairs. But Qdoba has a special sauce called mole (that's "mo-lay," not like the rodent). I tried it because it said, amongst many ingredients, that it has dark semisweet chocolate. I love it! It's hotter than mild, and the chocolate is a minor ingredient, but it does show up every once in a while. Really neat stuff.

I'm anxious to check out the local supermarket to see if they sell it in jars. We have a spacious Mexican food aisle at the Safeway and I bet they do have it. I looked at some recipes and it seems to have lots of exotic ingredients, so I'm not up to making my own just yet.


DavĂ­d said...

I don't know about Qdoba, but authentic Mexican moles are delicious (mole pretty much just means sauce - hence guacamole is guac sauce).

Mole poblano, the most famous mole and the one with chocolate is to die for if made well. I'm also a big fan of mole verde. Mmm... even though I just went there last week, I think another trip to Red Iguana is in order...

Trundling Grunt said...

Isn't Chipotle a McD offshoot. We have Qdoba round here and their pesto poblano burritos are good. And huge.

Shocho said...

Yeah, you're right, "mole" is not enough of a description for me to find this stuff. I'm not sure what the chocolately stuff is called.

I've had mole verde and I liked that too.

Don't know about that McD connection. Although they are awfully fast at Chipotle.

Brad said...

Never heard of Qdoba but Chipotle is al over the place. I've never been toone but i've seen them whereever i travel - lots in VA.

But that is beside the point - MOLE! That stuff is good. You should be able to find it in a CO supermarket. I dated a girl in college that turned me on to the mole and I've loved it ever since.